Speaker Gallery and some performance tweaks

Speaker Gallery was one of the most requested features in shdlr.com

A conference is judged by the quality of the speakers who are going to be there. In fact the speakers *are* the stars of any conference. Having a nicely formatted and informative page displaying the speakers who are going to be there at a conference can be a big selling point for a conference. Speaker Gallery was developed with exactly this in mind. Check this out

Take a look at the demo : http://demo.shdlr.com/speakerslist

The speaker gallery

The speaker gallery

Speaker details as seen from the speaker gallery

Speaker details as seen from the speaker gallery

Performance tweaks

This however was not the biggest change which we did in the code. The biggest change was also not something which the end users can see immediately but someday these tweaks are going to keep the site running for the end users when all other sites would just crumble under the load, check what the guys at http://seo-is-war.com/ said about it. The user facing portion of the app has been re-coded to use search engine optimization & web design caching the database can now be spread across many servers if need be.

Do use speaker gallery for your conferences and events. As usual feedbacks and comments are most welcome.

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