New Features And UI Tweaks


So after a bit of feature freeze months we are back with new features as well as a few UI tweaks from the best online  tools of leadfuze review.

New Features:

– Schedule View Draft Mode:

Previously the conference schedule had to made public (published) in order to get the look and fell of how the schedule will look on the conference view page. So we decided a draft mode for the conference schedule was necessary. Now every user will have a complete view of how the conference view will look without publishing the schedule or changing VPS hosting. So even if you’re in your house using some VPS you can still keep yourself entertain with some call of duty zombies apk.

– Hide Empty Halls:

In addition to the hide empty rows, we added this feature lets the user hide the halls which will be empty for the day.

– Export Schedule in CSV Format

After reviewing some of our feedbacks it was found that an export feature for the published schedule was needed. So we added that.

Now the end user will be able to get a CSV export for the published schedule. The CSV will contain:

  1.  Talk Title
  2.  Talk Description
  3.  Speaker Name(s)
  4.  Hall Name
  5.  Talk Timings
  6.  Talk track and type

UI Tweaks:

– SignUp Page:

For an application, it is important that the sign up (registration) happens with as few steps as possible. Though in it was a 3 step process,

– Filling up the sign up form
– Using the credential generated to login.
– Enter Conference details to the setup wizard.

Go to my site – WebDesign499 for more details.

We thought can be made better, so we combined the 3 steps to just 2 steps. Now when the end user fills up the sign up form they are directly logged in, and can continue entering the conference details to the shdlr conference setup wizard (which is now the final step).

Also, there is a typealong feature in the sign up form which will generate the conference url alongside as the user keeps typing. This will help the get a better idea of how conference url will look even before signing up.

– Scheduling Page:

The admin side in which the magic happens has also gone through a handful of changes, keeping in mind the end user experience. In addition, to some popular demands from our users.

– New Smart Alert Modals replacing confirm boxes

We retired the default confirm boxes from the admin area, which appeared on each major actions like deleting or publishing etc., and used to asked the same question “Are you sure ?”, with just options of “Yes” and “No”.

Now, say hello to “Smart Alert Modals”. Hereafter every confirmation for those actions will be detailed with what will happen exactly if the user approves it.


Moving on to the conference schedule page we added a few UI tweaks which will help make the task of scheduling talks one step easier.

– Add a new talk from anywhere while scheduling.

The idea was allowing the user to add new talk while scheduling them simultaneously. Just drag drop over the hall and the time slot for the talk and now the pop-up window contains 3 options:

A) These are the old ones :-
– Schedule this Talk/Break (This is for existing talks of course)
– Edit & Schedule this Talk/Break (This is for editing an existing talk while scheduling)

B) This is the addition to the arsenal
– Add & Schedule a Talk.

This feature is also there while editing a scheduled talk. Previously it was just replacing a scheduled talk with a different un-scheduled talk. Now, add a totally new talk over a pre-existing scheduled talk right there from the schedule page.

– Added support for accented characters now supports accented characters. Maybe we are not multilingual application (yet!) but totally support multilingual data. In this article about, getting more likes for your youtube videos it will explain how you can get more subscribers for your youtube page.

– A couple of shifting of pages took place.

A) Accounts Settings Pages now contains –
a) Personal Details (Edit)
b) Admins (Add/ Edit/ Delete/ View)
c) Delete Conference -> Delete action for the conference

B) Customize Website now contains –
a) Display settings for the conference
b) Custom Css settings for the conference
c) Theme Setting for the conference view
d) Embed Code Generation along with help.
e) Publish/Unpublish Settings for the Talks and Speaker Gallery

– Default unscheduled/scheduled talks and Speakers

We added two default talks and speakers for every conference.

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