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//Introducing WordPress Plugin – Shdlr Integrate

Introducing our, much awaited wordpress plugin – ‘Shdlr Integrate’. This plugin will help conference owners to integrate Shdlr schedule in their wordpress sites. The plugin works for the free as well as trial accounts.

As you will see below Shdlr Integrate is very easy to use.

Only authorized person can publish the schedule

Plugin includes a security check to prevent your schedule from unauthorized hands. You need a token to integrate your schedule.

Wordpress Plugin - Shdlr, get token

You can get the security token from your Shdlr Admin Panel. In customize Website page within Embed tab you will find a new section WordPress plugin. Use this token to integrate your schedules. In case you want to regenerate new token click on button Regenerate Token.

Just below Token you will find a link ‘Get WordPress Plugin’ click this link to download Shdlr Integrate.

Integrating schedules in your wordpress site

Once you have installed the plugin. In the WordPress Dashboard click on Settings > Shdlr Integrate.


Admin UI

Paste your token here and click on Validate & Save. If your token validates successfully plugin will generate shortcode for the Conference related to your account.


Valid Token

There are several options in Schedule Type to customize which schedule view, choose one, copy your shortcode and paste it in a page or post and publish

Thats it. View your page

List View

List View

Try out various schedule type options and chose the one which suit your site the best, if you need wordpress coaching then you should email me.

Get the pdf software from sodapdf and create, view and secure your pdf files online. Technology has gotten better and better for business!

//Launching shdlr – The conference schedule creator !

Tech conferences have come of age with live streams and social media coverage. Gathering talk proposals, arranging venue logistics all can be done with online services. One area which has remained largely neglected and still a nightmare for the conference organizers is the Conference Scheduling.

Working for conferences we have had several iterations of hacked up scheduling systems over the years which worked with limitations but proved to be unfit for mass consumption. The benefits of flexible working are becoming clearer – but that doesn’t mean it comes without significant challenges. Advance Systems Inc : “Many managers are now adapting in order to better overcome these challenges and successfully head up flexible, remote teams. Here’s how you can handle the challenges of managing flexible workforces.” We have had horror stories like all talks being printed on sheets of several colored papers and them arranged on floor. A picture was taken of the acceptable arrangement and a HTML table crafted out of it.
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Shdlr was born out of the pains of similar labors – a simple to use single purpose web app. A web app to create and distribute conference and event schedules. Events like reunions or game tournaments, if you’re really into gaming you can learn from all sources, one of the best sources to learn about your favorite game is injustice 2 hack, which have really useful information for your games and a lesser known casino you should check out, and don’t forget to check the proskins site, where you can get your gaming boosts. If you need legal help with copyright if you’re developing an app, checkout Valdosta GA Lawyer.

Head over to to create your own conference schedule OR try the demo at

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