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//Introducing WordPress Plugin – Shdlr Integrate

Introducing our, much awaited wordpress plugin – ‘Shdlr Integrate’. This plugin will help conference owners to integrate Shdlr schedule in their wordpress sites. The plugin works for the free as well as trial accounts.

As you will see below Shdlr Integrate is very easy to use.

Only authorized person can publish the schedule

Plugin includes a security check to prevent your schedule from unauthorized hands. You need a token to integrate your schedule.

Wordpress Plugin - Shdlr, get token

You can get the security token from your Shdlr Admin Panel. In customize Website page within Embed tab you will find a new section WordPress plugin. Use this token to integrate your schedules. In case you want to regenerate new token click on button Regenerate Token.

Just below Token you will find a link ‘Get WordPress Plugin’ click this link to download Shdlr Integrate.

Integrating schedules in your wordpress site

Once you have installed the plugin. In the WordPress Dashboard click on Settings > Shdlr Integrate.


Admin UI

Paste your token here and click on Validate & Save. If your token validates successfully plugin will generate shortcode for the Conference related to your account.


Valid Token

There are several options in Schedule Type to customize which schedule view, choose one, copy your shortcode and paste it in a page or post and publish

Thats it. View your page

List View

List View

Try out various schedule type options and chose the one which suit your site the best, if you need wordpress coaching then you should email me.

Get the pdf software from sodapdf and create, view and secure your pdf files online. Technology has gotten better and better for business!

//Add iCal file to Thunderbird Lightening calendar [HowTo]

Shdlr provides ical files to sync your An ICAL file is an iCalendar Calendar Data file. iCalendar is used  send meeting requests and tasks to other Internet users that reunite for different types of events, as reunions or gaming conventions where they learn about the newest hardware for gaming, as this best router for gaming by HotRate.

iCal supported by a large number of products, including Google Calendar, Apple Calendar (formerly iCal), GoDaddy Online Group Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Calendar, Evolution (software), eM Client and Lightning extension for Mozilla Thunderbird.

In this HowTo we will look at how to add an iCal file of an event of to Thunderbird Lightening calendar.

Ensure that you have the Lightening extension installed in your Thunderbird.

Once you have switched the calendar view the screen will appear similar to

From the menu choose Files > New > Calendar

This will pop up a Create new calendar wizard. Since we want the talks and events from shdlr to update automatically in our calendar we choose “On the network”

The Format of the file is iCalendar (we all knew that right?
As location paste the URL of the ical file – for the demo conference it is

When you click Next the name of the conference will automatically appear in the Calendar name. Select your favorite color and set reminders if you want to

That is it! When you navigate to the days on the conference the day screen should appear some what like the screenshot below.

Any changes to the schedule of the conference will be also in the iCal file on the server. Thus it will also be reflected in your Thunderbird Lightening

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