John Prinz


.John Prinz became disabled at the young age on 31 years old, and has been disabled with intractable pain since an on-the-job accident at a Paper Mill in 1992. From 1993 to 1996 he underwent 5 spinal surgeries, aside from multiple epidurals and many years of opiates. John has been living with intractable pain ever since the accident and treats with a Pain Management Doctor in the Bay Area Ca. John was a member at the first Cannabis Buyers Club in San Francisco Ca in 1997. The side-effects of conventional pain medication he took for 12 years has caused him damage to 20 teeth. He read history books about marijuana that change his life, to look at cannabis for the alternative approaches to the Oxycontin. John found a way to make a strong olive oil infused cannabis medicine he grows. John has controlled his intractable pain now for 14 years with this strong cannabis medicine. John believes that cannabis medicine is a safer way to control & relief pain, acute pain, chronic pain & intractable pain. John is a advocate, pain patient & grower that has taken charge of his medical needs. John cured his opiate addiction that these opiates caused with his cannabis medicine. John grows and makes his medicine because Ca State Law allows him this right as a individual patient, with Compassion Use Act since 1996.


October 20, 2018, 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
Using Cannabis for Pain Management - Eagle 200A Medical