Melissa Woods


Melissa Woods grew up in North Carolina, not realizing her journey thru life would lead her to other areas of the U.S. She grew up with no connection to cannabis or a care for it. However, her thoughts and beliefs were transformed when she watched a loved one’s battle with cancer. This sparked a curiosity in cannabis for Melissa and she started reading all the information she could get access to over 10 years ago. She then chose to bring that loved one to Colorado as all other options for treatment had been exhausted with a “what is there left to lose?” attitude. That was the beginning of a beautiful opportunity for Melissa to help others.
She started working in the cannabis industry and has been at it for over 5 years now, rising from entry level in the industry to management and beyond. Melissa started MJ’s 7 Leaf Institute, a cannabis education platform, in 2017. She studied, researched, and designed the structure for MJ’s between 2015-2017. This program is based upon the principle that nobody can ever have too much information about cannabis in the fight to stop the cannabis stigma and open people’s minds to the acceptance of cannabis as a viable alternative medicinal choice. It is intended to educate the masses of people ready to receive such useful information in all walks of life, whether they are just starting in the industry or simply wanting to know about cannabis. In addition to cannabis knowledge, Melissa provides consulting for cannabis businesses and facilities in Colorado and other states at various levels of cannabis legalization.
A project Melissa is currently working on is a cannabis tv show. This will be a fun and entertaining way to catch the attention of more people, provide cannabis education, and reach people who have otherwise not given cannabis any consideration whatsoever.
She has seen the difference cannabis makes in quality of life for the terminally ill. Her ultimate goals are to make a difference in the world with knowledge, share her passion about cannabis with as many supporters that can join the fight for complete legalization, and be an advocate for humanity as a whole.
Check out what MJ’s 7 Leaf Institute has to offer and read Melissa’s blogs at
Cannabis may not be for everyone but being informed is part of the battle to have this plant as a viable option for those who wish to explore it. How can this be accomplished?


October 19, 2018, 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm
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